Hanging Signs & Projection Signs

Projection hanging sign

Choosing the right Projection Sign or Hangind Sign

An external hanging sign or projection sign above the outside of the shop plays a big role in being found when customers are walking along the pavement and it's incredibly important that it is done right as customers tend to judge you by your cover and it only reflects on how professional you are as a business. A shop sign that looks unprofessional or one that is badly executed will inevitably lose you business.

Hanging projection signs are an interesting division of sign making because of all the different possibilities which range right across the spectrum from simple landscape or portrait rectangular boards to 3D illuminated signs and bespoke shape projection boards. You really do have a blank canvas to create exactly what you want and the sky is the limit!

Bespoke Shapes & Custom Designs

As well as the more traditional rectangular or square sign boards you find along a high street, we're able to produce hanging signs in a bespoke shape or size to cater for your design ideas. Using a large format CNC router, we're able to cut the hanging sign board a whichever shape you desire - from straightforward circular designs to more complex shapes.

The business sign can then be sign written in a number of methods such as:

  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Printed Vinyl Decals
  • Acrylic Lettering
  • Metal Lettering
Depending of the style of sign and bracket you choose to have, some boards may be possible to illuminate with a pictoral trough light.



round circular swing sign

Internally Illuminated Projection Signs

A projection sign box is a great way of creating more visibility for your premises and ensuring you're seen by passers-by.

Built is the same way as a shop front fascia, a flat sheet of aluminium is machine folded to create a box-like shape. The logo is then usually laser-cut out from the projection sign which allows the light to illuminate the letters or logos and a range of acrylic and vinyl films can be used to define the colours you want.

For smaller shop premises where having a large shop sign or fascia isn't possible due to the lack of space, a smaller projection sign is usually used to display the shop name and to serve the purpose of being the main shop sign. Available in a range of colours, the sign itself and the wall bracket can be painted in a range of colours to match the colour of the building or the colour of the branding or logo.

Larger projection signs are often used to run up the side of the building and because they're double sided, they ensure you're clearly visible along a parade of shops.

  illuminated projection sign

Externally Illuminated Projection Sign with Pictoral Lighting System

As well as internally illuminated sign boards, we're able to produce externally illuminated hanging signs. If you have an existing shop sign which is illuminated with a trough light then to keep in line with this existing signage, we can supply a handing sign to match a design.

If your logo is quite complex or needs to be produced in vinyl then you'll find the only way to produce an illuminated sign is to externally illuminate it.

A pictoral projection sign light is designed to illuminated both sides of the hanging sign and a range of coloured lights can be used to light up your sign.

These signs also come in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.


  illuminated hanging sign

Choosing your Paint Colour for your Sign Panel

Our custom made hanging signs are available in a whole range of RAL colours and finishes. Once the hanging sign has been fabricated together they're cleaned and primed before being painted or powder coated.

Powder coating is a type of painted coating that is applied as a dry powder. The main difference between a typical liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin" surface finish in whichever colour you desire.

When choosing your desired colour, it's advised to pick the RAL colour reference from a physical RAL colour chart book so you can get a true indication on how the colour looks. When you view colour references online, they can differ slightly depending on your screen resolution.


  RAL colours

Types of Projection Sign and Swing Sign Boards

There are a range of traditional business sign boards to choose from so you're able to contruct a projection sign to suit the style of the building or the exisitng shop sign. All our projection signs can be painted in a specific colour and sign written in a number of methods.

flat aluminium swinging sign aluminium projection sign traditional projection sign swing sign modern swinging sign folded aluminium projection sign
Flat Aluminium Sign Panel Aluminium Frame Sign Panel Traditional Boarder Sign Panel PVC Boarder Sign Panel Folded Aluminium Sign Panel


Types of Projection Sign and Swing Sign Wall Brackets

We have a range of wall brackets to suit the style of the building and the style of the sign. The wall brackets can also be painted in a specific colour to match the sign board or the colour of the building.

swing sign pole bracket contempory swing sign wall bracket classic swing sign wall bracket extender wall bracket traditional swing sign wall bracket
Staight Pole Wall Bracket Contemporary Wall Bracket Classic Wall Bracket Extender Bracket Traditional Wall Bracket

Photos, Ideas & Product Gallery

Please see below for a range of photos which should help illustrate how the above various signage options look when in situ. If you require more photos or close-up photos to help you make your decision then please feel free to contact us where a member of our team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.