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Choosing the right Pub Sign

Our team at Surrey Shop Signs specialize in supplying pub signage for public house sector. We know how important your brand name is to your business and that it is your shop sign which influences your customers and determines your status in a competitive marketplace.

We provide a variety of traditional and contemporary signs for the interior and exterior of pubs, bars and clubs. Our signs are manufactured using the latest technology available as well as produce hand-finished signs to complete a bespoke design concept. Our years of experience enable us to offer a ‘one-stop shop service’ from design to installation and all our work is carried out to the highest quality level. Our business philosophy ensures excellent working relationships with all our clients and therefore high levels of customer satisfaction.

Pub Hanging Signs

An external hanging pub sign or projection sign above the outside of the pub or bar plays a big role in being found when customers are walking along the pavement and it's incredibly important that it is done right as customers tend to judge you by your cover and it only reflects on how professional you are as a business. A shop sign that looks unprofessional or one that is badly executed will inevitably lose you business.

Hanging projection signs are an interesting division of sign making because of all the different possibilities which range right across the spectrum from simple landscape or portrait rectangular boards to 3D illuminated signs and bespoke shape projection boards. You really do have a blank canvas to create exactly what you want and the sky is the limit!

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Pub External Lighting

Trough lighting and Shop Strip Lighting is a really effective lighting solution and it’s growing ever more popular with public housed and sign makers across the UK. Poorly lit shop parades and dark wintery evenings certainly don’t do businesses any favours when it comes to getting seen by potential customers. This is why having an external light is crucial to ensuring a steady flow of business and so all passing by customers know you’re there.

Our sign trough lighting system is totally weatherproof and simply the best way of externally illuminating any sign, whether it’s a new sign due to be installed or an existing shop sign.

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Pub Sign Letters

Choosing the right lettering for your shop sign is easy once you know all the options available for you. What we do at Surrey Shop Signs is advise you on all the technologies and styles available and offer you multiple ideas on what we think would best suit your sign. If you’re struggling for ideas or need some inspiration then we’re able to present you with some popular choices which may suit you – after all, we've manufactured and installed so many shop signs that we're able to offer you our experience and recommendations.

Popular pub sign letters are made from materials such as:

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Photos, Ideas & Product Gallery

Please see below for a range of photos which should help illustrate how the above various signage options look when in situ. If you require more photos or close-up photos to help you make your decision then please feel free to contact us where a member of our team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.