Reflective Sequin Shop Fascias & Sparkly Signs

sequin reflective shop sign

Shimmering Sequin Shop Signage

Made up of shimmering mirrored discs, the reflective sequin shop signs catch all natural or projected light and display a magnified sparkle of brilliantly multi-coloured highlights in random patterns – brilliant for catching the eye of your customers and making your premises stand-out.

Used commonly for internal and external use, the circular discs which are 3 cm in diameter are attached to black plastic backing panels which are 25cm by 25cm (8 rows x 8 columns holding a total of 64 discs). The boards can be screwed, stapled or glued onto a number of surfaces and cut down to size for all bespoke-sized fascias and shop signs.

16 square backing panels make up one square meter (approx. 11 square feet).

The aluminium pins which the sequin discs are fixed to are pre-moulded into the black backing panels. After the backing panels are positioned onto the wall or fascia, the coloured reflective discs are clipped onto the pin-heads which firmly secures them into place and the pins are pre-spaced out for easy and symmetrical installation.

  Reflective shop sign installation

Reflective sequin boards are the perfect was of creating movement, light and a unique three dimensional display, ideal for the following use:

  • shop sign boards and shop fascias
  • billboards
  • window displays
  • concerts backdrops
  • trade shows
  • fashion shows
  • television sets
  • photo shoots

They're also used as feature walls for many offices and homes as well - they really are suitable for multiply projects!

   Blue Sequin Shop Sign

Sequin Disc Colours Available

Reflective sequin boards are available in the following standard colours: Plum, Raspberry, Silver, Gold, Black, Royal Blue, Pink, White, Orange, Cherry, Cherry Red, Emerald Green and Sky Blue.

We are also able to colour match specific pantone colours for larger bespoke orders (recommended for short-term use up to 6 weeks only).

Shop Sign Sequin Colours

Sequin Options and methods

Reflective sequin boards are a great way to create a background or back screen colour which looks like it’s moving and sparkly. If you have a shop fascia which is quite aged and in desperate need of a makeover then the boards are a great way to cover-up old signage and quickly transform it into something spectacular.

Fixed raised letters can then be mounted over the sequins to give it a 3 dimensional look which is a very popular method at the moment for shop signs.

Alternatively, the sequin discs can be arranged in a number of ways to illustrate a logo or text similar to the examples below.

For more information, please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss the various options available for your project.


 sequin shop sign 1 sequin shop sign 2 sequin shop sign 3 sequin shop sign 4