Road Signs & Street Names

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Business Signs & Directional Sign Boards

Directional sign posts, road signs and parking signs are important for ensuring your premises clearly displays the right information for directing visitors to the right locations. Whether its parking signs you need, directional signs or welcome sign posts for your business we’re able to help you display the right information.

At Surrey Shop Signs we advise on all the materials, styles and technologies available to you and offer ideas on what would be best suited. If you’re struggling with ideas then we’re able to present you with some ideas which may appeal to you – after all, we've manufactured and installed so many front shop signs that we've most likely produced something similar in the past and can therefore offer you our experience as a good starting point.

Choosing the correct sign is normally determined by the amount of space you have available to position the sign and also the information you'd like to display on the sign board. Once we know this we’re able to look at how the sign can be produced and the various materials we’re able to use. It’s best not to cram too much information onto your sign as it often makes it hard to absorb all the information at a quick glance.



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Parking Signs & Road Signs

Parking signs are crucial for car parks or within a residential area – there’s nothing worse than trying to following poorly sign posted directions. Made from weather resistant aluminium panels, the signs are made in a range of sizes and colours and can be fitted to either an existing wall or onto ground posts. The panels are fitted in a range of vinyl graphics to achieve the design you require and can be fitted in protective film to prevent vandalism. The signs can also be sign written with digitally printed graphics if you need to display a logo on the panel or if you need them to be fitted with a unique design which can only be achieved by printing the graphics.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs are a great way of controlling the speed in which traffic passes through an area. If you have a private road within the grounds of your business, residential area or organisation which isn’t already sign posted with speed restrictions then a series of straightforward easy to read speed restriction signs will help control traffic and ensure the safety of your pedestrians. Made in the same way as parking signs, they’re available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.


speed limit sign

Totem Signs & Welcome Signs

Welcome signs and Totem signs are usually placed within the main entrance to the grounds of the premises so that you’re clearly visible to visitors. The can display a whole range of information from logos and contact information to directions and instructions. Totem signs are normally freestanding and mounted onto ground posts which are firmly fixed into the ground. They can also be illuminated in a variety of methods from internal illumination to externally illuminated and they can be manufactured to a desired shape and size.

Making a successful business sign is all about selecting the right materials which will determine how the overall sign looks. There is a whole world of materials available in many different colours and effects which will give it that quality look and finishing touch. By using some of the cheaper plastics or composites, you're also able to make it look like an expensive sign.

Choosing the right sign needn’t be hard! Call us today to discuss your signage requirements where a member of our customer services team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.


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Photos, Ideas & Product Gallery

Please see below for a range of photos which should help illustrate how the above various signage options look when in situ. If you require more photos or close-up photos to help you make your decision then please feel free to contact us where a member of our team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.