Shop Sign Design & Artwork Service

Shop Sign Design

Planning your sign from design to production

At Surrey Shop Signs we deliver a whole range of signage solutions for your business including custom made company signs, bespoke business signs, office wall signs, restaurant signs, school signs and a whole range of window graphics too! Using our experience in the design and manufacture of signage and our knowledge of materials and production methods, we’re able to push the boundaries to create a superb sign for you.

Whether it’s a contemporary sign for your business a traditional sign or an eye catching illuminated sign for your shop, there are many ways in which we can manufacture your sign. We’re able to talk you through a whole range of materials available to create the look you’re after and give you a step by step guide of how to create your sign within your budget.

Shop Sign Design

Designing the appearance of your shop sign and the layout of the lettering or logo is a service we provide for all our shop signs. Simple design plans and drawings are supplied to help give you an indication on the size of the sign and the scale of the letters or logos which are to be produced.

For all general price enquires, we usually ask for some measurements to be supplied to us so we can get an idea on the type of sign you need and the size in which it needs to be produced. Also a copy of your logo or font is usually required in order to give you an accurate production cost. In most cases a detailed site survey is carried out prior to production to ensure the sizes are correct and to determine the fixing methods to be used.

Shop sign graphic design


3D Modelling & Shop Sign 3D Design

For more complex shop sign designs, 3D modelling can be used to create the sign in a three-dimensional form to get a better idea on how the sign will look once produced. Our 3D graphic designers can reconstruct the layout of the sign to scale which gives a realistic representation of how three dimensional shapes, logos or letters protrude from the sign and how light is dispersed throughout the various illuminated parts.

Trying to picture how a sign will look is always difficult to imagine especially when you only have 2D drawings to go by. By using 3D modelling we’re able to create a clear image on what to expect and ensure the letters or logo aren’t too big or too small prior to them being produced.

3D shop sign modelling design


Signage Mock-Up Visuals

We also produce Photoshopped mocked-up visuals showing how your sign could potentially look upon completion. This is a great way to help determine how big the letters or logo needs to be. The company logo, lettering or the design of the sign can be super-imposed onto a photo of the existing wall or shop front. We find this a really useful way to help plan and design your sign, whether it’s an office sign or and external company sign

By supply us with a few dimensions, a photo of where the sign is to be positioned and a copy of your logo we’ll be able to quickly establish the type of sign needed. In most cases a detailed site survey is carried out prior to production to ensure the sizes are correct and to determine the fixing methods to be used.

signage mock up artwork


Company Logo Design

For start-up companies especially, you might not already have a company logo set in stone with perhaps a few ideas sketched out on a piece of paper. By using your ideas for the layout of the logo or for the font you’d like your company name to be written in, we’re able to draw up your business logo for you so it can be used for your new company sign and any other products which need to be branded to get your company noticed and recognised.

Alternatively, you may already have a graphic designer you’re working with to achieve the logo you’d like, to which point we’d be able to liaise your designer to ensure that the logo design is created in a way which allows us to reproduce it in the form of a sign or wall logo.

shop sign design


What Next?

Once we have a general idea of how you’d like your sign produced and displayed, we’re able to talk you through the various materials we can use to produce your sign and the costs associated with those materials and production methods used.

As a rule of thumb, we find it best to provide you with the costs to produce the exact sign you had in mind and then if necessary work backwards to provide you with cheaper alternatives if the initial sign quote is slightly over your budget. There are so many materials and methods of production we can use so building the right shop sign at the right price shouldn’t be a problem!

To speed up your enquiry, we generally ask you to provide us with the following:

Using the above information we’re able to calculate some production costs for you to consider and supply you with some illustrations to give you an idea on how the sign would look.

Don’t worry too much if the dimensions or information you’ve supplied to us isn’t 100% accurate, in most cases a full site survey is carried out at a later date by one of our site surveyors.